Top 10 Must-Pack​ Items for Any Trip

Packing for any trip can be a challenge. There are some basic staples that need to be included to prepare you for most situations you may encounter while traveling.

This must-pack items list goes beyond the standard clothes, toothbrush, identification, prescriptions, and chargers list. This list has been developed based on our desire to be healthy, happy and prepared on any trip.

1) Anti-Bacterial Wipes & Gel

Let’s face it, people can be gross and the last thing you want is to get sick on a trip. These wipes and gels are definitely must-pack items! 

The first thing you should do after boarding an airplane is to wipe down anything you might touch during the flight. This includes the tray table, armrests, seat belt buckle, reclining button, entertainment system controls, etc.

Then, after checking into a hotel room or cruise ship, wipe down the TV controller, all switches, door handles, faucets, safe button, etc.

You should also keep individual packs of wipes or gel with you while out and about town since there are times you can’t find a place to wash your hands before eating.

anti-bacterial wipes and gel
Anti-bacterial wipes and gels

2) Medical Face Mask

Just in case someone near you on the airplane is coughing, put on a face mask. You might get some looks from those around you, but it’s better than breathing in germs and potentially getting sick.

Medical Face Mask
Medical Face Mask

3) Tissue Packs

Not just for blowing your nose, tissue packs are great to have for those times when a restroom/toilet has run out of paper. And in some countries, you are expected to bring your own toilet paper. They are also useful as a napkin.

tissue pack
Tissue packs double as napkins and toilet paper

4) Ear Plugs

It’s hard to enjoy a trip when you are exhausted. These are great for sleeping on a plane, or in a noisy hotel room.

ear plugs for travel
Foam ear plugs

5) Mini First Aid Kit

Another must-pack item is the Mini-First Aid Kit. This kit doesn’t need to be fancy. You can fill a resealable plastic bag, coin purse or small bag with stuff you may need quickly. We pack the following:

  • Band-Aids – Great for blisters or cuts
  • Over-the-counter pain reliever
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine – just in case
  • Antacids
  • Allergy pills/Benadryl
mini first aid kit for traveling
The mini first aid kit for traveling

6) Disposable Rain Poncho

If you’re traveling to a destination that has even a slight chance of rain and you intend to go sightseeing rain or shine, then we recommend an inexpensive rain poncho. It’s much easier to take pictures when you don’t have to hold onto an umbrella.

umbrella rain poncho
Bring a small umbrella and rain poncho

Of course, if you know it’s going to rain often on your trip, you may want to bring a traditional (not disposable) hooded raincoat.

7) Umbrella

Another must-pack item is an umbrella. For rain or when it’s really hot and you need some shade. Doesn’t have to be a big one. There are plenty of smaller, travel size umbrellas available.

8) Plastic Bags

It’s useful to have several plastic bags in various sizes tucked into the front pocket of your suitcase.  They take up almost no space and are very versatile.

They are handy for unfinished snacks you buy while on your trip, separating dirty laundry from the clean laundry, and wet swim suits. Also, they are great for souvenirs that might leak or make a mess in your luggage, or storage for tickets, papers, etc.

plastic travel bags
Plastic storage bags are versatile for travel

9) Power Strip

If you’re traveling with 3 or more items that need to be plugged in or recharged, you should consider bringing a power strip.  Outlets in your room may be limited or in inconvenient locations.

If you’re planning on bringing one on a cruise, check the cruise line’s policy before you pack one.  Bringing one can cause a delay in getting your bags delivered to your stateroom if it is not allowed.

power strip
Consider bringing a power strip

10) Swim Suit

Even if you’re not headed to the beach, bring your swim suit. It takes up hardly any room in your suitcase and it’s one of those items that could be difficult to buy while you’re on your trip. You never know, you may want to use the hotel pool/spa.

swim trunks and bikini
Bring your swim suit!


These are the top items we always bring on our trips. Comment below and let us know what other must-pack items you have on your list!