Hong Kong Food Walking Tour

During our two day visit to Hong Kong, we went on an afternoon Food Walking Tour on Hong Kong Island. This tour highlighted locals’ most-loved foods. We had six flavorful stops along the way. One of the things we learned was most restaurants specialize in one or two items. Our guide recommended to avoid restaurants that have an extensive menu.

We enjoyed many Hong Kong specialties from dim sum to egg tarts, roast meat to wonton noodles, preserved fruits to sugar cane juice. It was all very tasty and we were pretty full by the end of the tour.

Hong Kong Food Tour Map

Hong Kong food walking tour map

1) Tsim Chai Kee Noodle

Our first stop was Tsim Chai Kee Noodle to sample a bowl of Wonton Noodles “Won Tonne Meen”. Our tour guide Yammy suggested we add the Vinegar condiment which really brought out the flavor of the broth. We then added hot chili sauce to provide an extra little kick.

Won Ton Noodles

Hands down, the best Wonton Noodles we ever had! This is the only item on their menu and they are true specialists in their craft. What a way to start the food tour!

Address: 153 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Hours: Daily 11AM – 9PM
Phone: +852 2581 3369

2) Dragon Roast Meat Restaurant

Next we visited the Dragon Roast Meat Restaurant. Their specialty is the Barbecued Pork Rice “Char Siu Faan”. They even cook it in the same building as it is served. This is unusual for Hong Kong due to it’s tight spaces. Most restaurants cook their food off site and transport it in to Hong Kong.

Barbecued Pork Rice
Hong Kong Roast Meats

Address: 12 Queen Victoria Street, Central, Hong Kong
Hours: Daily 8AM – 8PM
Phone: +852 2545 5328

3) Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice

Our next stop was Kung Lee for Sugar Cane Juice. Also known as “Jeh Jup”, Sugar Cane Juice is refreshingly popular in Hong Kong. Kung Lee is a half-decade old shop that has been churning out fresh sugar cane juice on Hollywood Road, Central since 1948.

Sugar Cane Juice
Sugar Cane Juice in Hong Kong

And, it is a very tasty drink! Cool and refreshing. Sweet, but not too sweet. Just right!

Address: 60 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Hours: Daily 11AM – 11PM
Phone: +852 2544 3571

On the way to our next stop, we walked through a street food market and encountered a vendor selling the preserved “Century Egg.” It is preserved for a few months (not a 100 years) and is considered a delicacy.

Food Walking Tour Guide Yammy
Our Hong Kong Food Walking tour guide Yammy!

It has a bit of an ammonia smell to it and is not the most appealing thing to eat. Nevertheless, we passed on tasting it, but a couple of brave people in our group tried it.

100 Year Preserved Egg
100 year old preserved egg

4) Wong Wing Kee Preserved Fruit Shop

Next, we arrived at the Wong Wing Kee Preserved Fruit Shop. Founded in 1901, Wong Wing Kee Preserved Fruits Factory has introduced more than 90 varieties of Chinese traditional natural Preserved Fruits “Gwo Zi”.

Wong Wing Kee Preserved Candies
Preserved candy in Hong Kong

Recommended delicacies include plum, lemon, apricot, ginger and olive preserved fruits. We tried baked salted lotus seeds, dried plums, winter ginger and dried kumquat. All had unique flavors, some salty, some sweet and some a mix of both. Definitely a gem that we would not have found on our own.

Address: 52 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM – 6PM, Sun 10AM – 5PM
Phone: +852 2544 7281

On the way to our next foodie stop, we visited the Man Mo Temple and the shopped on Cat Street Flea Market. We had time to shop for souvenirs and Elizabeth learned how to write her name in Chinese.

Writing Chinese at Cat Street Flea Market
Elizabeth learned to write her name in Chinese

5) Dim Sum Square

After our candy stop, Yammy took us to Dim Sum Square, a very popular restaurant in Hong Kong. We sampled:

  • Shrimp Dumpling “Har Gao”
  • Pork Dumpling “Siu Mai”
  • Deep Fried Spring Rolls “Jaa Chun Guen”
  • Crispy BBQ Pork Bun “Char Siu Bao”.
Chinese Dim Sum at Dim Sum Square
Chinese Dim Sum at Dim Sum Square
World Traveling Couple enjoying Hong Kong Dim Sum
George & Elizabeth enjoying Dim Sum in Central Hong Kong

The Dim Sum experience was great. Plenty of food to go around and it was very tasty! Another thing we learned was that when the locals ask a friend to “have tea”, it really means “let’s have Dim Sum, and tea”.

Address: 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM – 10PM, Sat & Sun 8AM – 10PM
Phone: +852 2851 8088

6) Hei Lee Cake Shop

Finally, after a quick walk down the street, we made it to our final stop. We visited the Hei Lee Cake Shop for dessert! Fortunately, we got to try the famous Egg Tart “Daan Taat”

Yammy with Egg Tart Dessert
Yammy serving up Egg Tarts for dessert!

The Egg Tart consists of an outer pastry crust and is filled with egg custard and then baked. It was quite delicious, a perfect end to our wonderful food tour.

Address: 3 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30AM – 9PM, Closed Sun


The Hong Kong Food Walking tour experience was educational and very tasty. Our small group was able to sample a variety of Hong Kong specialties. Nobody was hungry at the end of this tour!

We felt more comfortable going out on our own to find places to eat after this tour.  And as a bonus, our guide gave us a list of other restaurants in the area with specific items to try at each location.

Comment below and let us know if you have gone on a Food Tour of Hong Kong and what your favorite part of your tour was.

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